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Best Student Presentation Awards

Students are the backbone of future research

The 7th Conjugate Margins Conference, one of the most prominent geology conferences in the world, brings together fellow industry, academic, government researchers, and young scientists working and studying Atlantic conjugate margin basins to share knowledge and ideas on their evolution, petroleum systems, and petroleum prospectivity. Complimenting the conference’s oral and poster sessions are commercial displays and field trips.


Since 2008, this event has been taking place worldwide, including countries like Canada, Ireland, Portugal and Brazil, and has brought together hundreds of delegates in each of its editions. This year’s conference will be taking place in “The Red City”, Marrakech, between October 18-20, 2022 and it’s expected to convene around 250 delegates from around the world, including MA and PhD students from the most distinguished universities.






Each year the Conjugate Margins Conference summons the top, young research minds from the best geoscience/geology departments worldwide. In order to determine which are the best abstracts, both oral and poster presentations, the event offers a space for these bright students to compete among themselves; we like to call this space The Best Student Presentation Awards.

The Best Student Presentation Awards are open to all student delegates presenting at the conference, regardless of degree and research level. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to win prizes with monetary values. Oral and poster presentations will be judged by conference delegates based on the criteria of Presentation & Communication, and the Scientific Merit of their research.


Three awards for presenters of oral and poster presentations will be given out with monetary values (six awards in total).

All of the sponsored delegations will be flown to the conference in Marrakech, free of charge!







Moreover, students that present an abstract will have the opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with some of the world’s leading academics, industry and government representatives, distinctly increasing the possibility for students to connect and excel on a personal, academic and professional level. This event wishes to highlight the importance that students represent as the future of Atlantic conjugate margin basins research.

DEADLINE: 17th June, 2022

Previous participating universities:

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Sponsored by:


Ms. Bébhinn Anders

Honorable Mention

National University of Ireland-Galway, Galway, Ireland 

Mr. Emmanuel Roquette

University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

1st place

Ms. Jessica Franklin

National University of Ireland-Galway, Galway, Ireland

2nd place

Mr. Chris Sangster

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

3th place

Ms. Naila Dowla

Mr. Kenneth Martyns-Yellowe

Ms. Laura Berdi

1st place

2nd place

3th place

University of Houston, Houston, United States of America

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, Ireland

How to participate in this year’s competition?

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